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Disney theme parks in general are quite expensive. Taking a vacation requires saving a lot of money, especially if you are taking a family trip. When planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, a family of 4 can spend at least $10,000. Granted this amount will vary depending on numerous factors like length of stay, the amount of park tickets, what kind of parks tickets, airfare and many others. While going to Disney is very expensive, there are ways to save some money that will not break the bank! If you would love to visit a Disney park but are just not sure how you are going to pay for it, read on to find out how you can make your dreams come true!


1.Start With a Magical Number

The very first thing you must do before you can plan any Disney vacation whether or not you are trying to save money is come up with a magic number. Now, this is not anymagic number, but this is the number or amount you and your family are willing to spend total on EVERYTHING for your trip. Say your total amount you want to spend is $5,000. Then, from there what you need to do is make a list of everything you are going spend money on during your vacation. This includes: flights; upgrades; tickets; extra experiences; transportation; food; souvenirs; hotel and anything else you can think of. Once you have everything in mind that you are potentially going to spend money on, take that magic number you came up with and disperse it amongst the items you added to that list.


Keep doing this for everything you added on the list until each one is priced out. The last thing you need to do is add everything up and if you are over the price of your ‘magic number’ then you need to look at your list and tweak some things so that it falls either right at or under the ‘magic number’. By doing this, you will have a plan in place to not spend more than planned on your trip, ultimately saving money. Looking at it from this point of view will also show you where you want to spend your money the most and spend less on things that don’t matter as much. For example, maybe you want a cheap hotel, but want to spend more on everything else? Budgeting is key to saving money, but it is not the only thing that will help you save money.


2. Buy Discounted Disney Tickets

Buying Disney tickets right from Disney can be costly. By doing so, you will be spending more money. However, there is an alternative solution to buy fully authorized and official Disney tickets for less money. One of these ways is by utilizing store discounts. Lots of times places like local grocery stores, Target, and even wholesale clubs (Sam’s Club and Costco) will often times have discounted Disney tickets. For example, at the time of writing this, Costco had a deal in which you could buy tickets for as little as $42/day! Granted there are some restrictions, but still, $42 a ticket is not bad! You just have to be willing to do a little research and see what places sell discounted tickets. There are even places online like Undercover Tourist who are able to sell official Disney tickets at a discounted rate!


If there are no options in getting discounted tickets, there is still hope. What you can do insteadis buy discounted Disney Gift Cards! Disney Gift Cards can be used anywhere at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Store Locations and One common place for finding Discounted Disney gift cards is wholesale locations. For example, Costco has been known to sell $500 worth of gift cards for only $450! Granted you are only saving $50, but that $50 can the be spend elsewhere! The last option for getting discounted Disney gift cards is by shopping at Target with the Target REDcard. If you own a Target REDcard and shop with it at any Target location, you get an automatic 5% off your purchase! So say you buy $500 in gift cards at Target, you will only be spending $475 saving you $25 total! Again, it may not be much, but it still saves you money for other things. The awesome thing about those discounted Disney gift cards is you can then use them to purchase your Disney tickets!


3. Watch Out For Deals From Disney


Believe it or not, Disney makes booking a vacation that more easier by periodically releasing new deals. These deals come and go and will last for only a few months. These deals also are first come, first booked basis. With that mind, if you have an eagle eye or are working with a travel planner, there will be a deal you may want to look into. Disney will sometimes give out free dining plans, discounts on hotel rooms, free gift cards, or even discounted park tickets. You can save lots of money with a free dining plan or even discounted hotel rates. In fact, while saving money on the tickets is useful, saving money on your actual hotel room is more beneficial. Most of the cost of your trip will be towards your hotel stay, so getting the best rate possible for the best amount of money is a good thing to look out for.


Save Money On Souvenirs!

While saving money on your park tickets and hotel is a great thing to have, those      are not the only things you can save on! What about souvenirs? You can easily save on souvenirs by getting Disney merch from other places besides Disney! Sometimes, you can easily find a really awesome shirt that is just as good if not better from someplace else! One of those places is PerfShirts! PerfShirts takes Disney movies, savings, mottos and more and turns them into amazing clothing designs for shirts, leggings, bags and more! Best of all, we have something everyone in the family will love and if we don’t have something you’ll like, we can easily make custom shirts that you’ll love! Shop amazing and custom made Disney clothing today! It’ll save you money on buying merch in the parks!

Andrea Pearson
Andrea Pearson

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