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Disney theme parks are places that will allow you to escape the real world, become a child again, let your inner child loose, envelope yourself in the timeless worlds of fantasy, tomorrow, adventure, and so much more. Disney has over 5 theme parks with a total of 12 theme parks across three continents. These 12 theme parks consist of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), the original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA (Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park), The Disneyland Paris Resort in Marne-La-Vallée, France (Disneyland Paris Park and Walt Disney Studios Park), the Shanghai Disney Resort (Shanghai Disneyland), the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Hong Kong Disneyland), and the Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea). No matter which Disney destination you go to, you will always encounter the same charm, some of the same rides, atmosphere, and magic.

The very first Disney Resort ever created was the Disneyland Resort which opened on July 17, 1955. Walt created Disneyland as a place for families and kids to have fun together. Since then, the park has to create magical memories that many guests will love time and time again. Why do so many people come back to parks years after year? Well, for some it’s the nostalgia. Some come back due to the atmosphere. For others, it may be to experience their favorite childhood movie come to life. Still, yet, others go to Disney for some interesting reasons. What makes the Disney Parks unique isn’t just the rides, the amazing shows, the lovable characters, and even the Disney ‘Magic’; it is also the food. Wait, the food is what many people love about the Disney Parks? Yes indeed. You see, Disney likes to take food to a whole new level.

Disney Food Is Unlike Any Other

If you explore a traditional theme park like for example *ahem*Universal Studios Orlando, you will find your traditional theme park food. You will discover hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, popcorn, wraps, and classic fried, simple food. If you visit a Disney theme park, on the other hand, you will find those common, simple things, but then enhanced in a way that only Disney can. Disney is always looking for ways to change the paradigm, always looking for ways to improve; looking towards new ‘horizons.’As this applies to the park itself, it also could not be any truer when it comes to theme park food. To show you how here are some amazing snacks you shouldn’t miss at the Disneyland Resort!

The Dole Whip

Perhaps one of the most iconic Disneyland foods and most eaten Disney foods is the one and only Dole Whip. A Dole Whip is an iconic Disney food. If you are visiting the Disneyland Resort for the very first time, you need to at the absolute minimum try a Dole Whip Once. Subsequently, once you get addicted, you may merely discover yourself getting a second, a third, a fourth, and ok, you understand it. Point being, you may be reflecting on what exactly is a Dole Whip? Most theme parks possess some form of ice cream. Everyone enjoys ice cream, right?

Well, Disney does have ice cream, but as Disney always likes to do, they made ice cream taste better. How they do this is beyond anyone’s knowledge, but the result is a tasty, delicious, frozen concoction. A Dole Whip is a frozen treat that is essentially crushed pineapple that has been chilled to extreme cold and then whipped into ‘soft-serve.’ One thing most people do not realize is that Dole Whips are not ice cream. They are not gelato, not sorbet, and most importantly, have nothing to do with dairy. In fact, there is absolutely no dairy in this dessert making it vegetarian and vegan if you're into that kind of thing! It really is the perfect dessert and is SO good!

disney dole whip

The Turkey Leg

Perhaps the second most iconic Disney snack item at the Disneyland Resort would be the Turkey Leg. According to Disney, they believe that eating turkey legs should be a year-round thing, not just on Thanksgiving.  These turkey legs are the ‘Turkey Legs’ of all turkey legs. There are three reasons they are so iconic. Number one is the smell. Before you even come close to the turkey leg cart, the intoxicating aroma fills the air and lures you down requiring a bite. Sometimes things do not taste as good as they smell, but in the case of the Turkey Legs, they do indeed taste just as good as they smell.

Because of how they taste, this is the second reason they are iconic. Once you take your first bite, you will instantly realize just how good these beauties really are! The third reason these things are iconic is the factor of how BIG these suckers are. I don’t know about you, but I have personally never seen a Turkey Leg as BIG as Disney’s. The other question is how big is the turkey? Either way, with the combined factor of the succulent smell, the ginormous size, and the delicious taste, these are not to be missed.

The Mickey Pretzel

The third most iconic Disneyland food item would be the one and only Mickey Pretzel. What makes this pretzel unique is anything but fancy. The sole thing that makes this wonderful pretzel special is the fact that the whole pretzel is twisted into Mickey Mouse’s face. Other than then that, it tastes like your average pretzel. But I mean hey, everyone (almost everyone) loves Mickey Mouse so paying an absurd price of $6 for a pretzel is completely worth it, especially if that pretzel just so happens to be in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Now, when you add in the additional $2 cheese dip, then it makes it totally worth the cost. But who am I kidding? It is, JUST a pretzel, right? Why not ask the hundreds who buy one each and every day. They will inform you otherwise.

mickey pretzel


The Churro

Disney has a way of making magic happen. You can identify this all the time with the characters, the Cast Members, and just in the general atmosphere of the park. When it comes to the food, again, this magic is nevertheless there. As Disney likes to inevitably make things better, they grasp the most classic thing and turn it into something tremendous. The fourth most iconic Disney snack is this something tremendous; the Churro. The Churro, in essence, is only a fried stick of batter smothered in sugar and cinnamon. It is conceivably the simplest and most common theme park food to date next to popcorn.

Somehow, someway, Disney makes the churro the most amazing fried thing you will ever encounter as apparently Disneyland has an obsession with the churro. The churro at Disneyland is so popular, you cannot go 10 feet without seeing a churro cart (not an actual fact, just an exaggeration)! Disney loves churros so much that they even will frequently create new ways to showcase and eat the churro. Sometimes it may be a purple churro for Buzz Lightyear, sometimes coated in 'Fruity Pebbles', sometimes be different flavored and even occasionally have things filled inside like cream!

The Mickey Premium Bar

This next treat is something that seems ordinary, but in reality, it's not. If you love eating a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel, then you'll love the Mickey Premium Bar. If anything is Mickey shaped, people devour it and cannot get enough of it. A Mickey Premium Bar is only an ice cream bar on a stick; shaped like Mickey. I know, right? It sounds too dull and straightforward. All the more though it sounds this way, people genuinely purchase this for $5 an ice cream bar. It’s undoubtedly not the most delicious ice cream you will ever enjoy, nor is it the worst you will ever have. In terms of its ‘premium’ quality, the taste is ok, but the sole factor worth considering even buying this is if you love Mickey and Mickey-shaped food. Other than that, if you love Nestle chocolate, then this is, furthermore, the thing for you.

Caramel/Candy Apples

Do you like candy? What about caramel? Now, what about apples? If you said yes to any one of or all of these, you will not want to miss out on Disney’s legendary candy/caramel apples. As Disney always likes to do, they turn simple things into better things. In this case, they take your average Candy Apple and turn it into a masterpiece! No matter the season or time of year, there is always some form of specialty Candied Apple.

Getting a candied apple from Disney is a real special treat as they look like your favorite Disney character! You may find one that looks like Mickey, Minnie, Mike Wazowski, Jack-Skellington, Ariel, or pretty much any character you can think of. Disney accomplishes this task by using rice Krispies, candy, marshmallows, chocolate, fudge, sauces, and any other ingredient they can think of to design the perfect Caramel Apple! Best of all, they taste just as amazing as they look!

disney candied apples

The Corn Dogs

The Hot Dog is a theme park staple and fair staple that is found universally in all theme parks, even in ones overseas. The Hot Dog is a simple food item that can be tweaked in many various ways utilizing toppings, diverse buns, different meats, and indeed different ways of preparing it. One way of cooking many people enjoy is food that's fried. No matter which culture, no matter which country, one thing we can all agree on is that fried food is periodically the most desirable kind of food.

Hot Dogs are no exception and when you fry a hot dog, it becomes the Corn Dog. At Disneyland, if you like corn dogs, you will be in for a treat. Frequently, you will find that ‘other theme parks’ take premade corn dogs and fry them up to then deliver them for you to eat. At Disneyland, they make the batter from scratch each and every day. Then, they hand fry them right when you order so that they taste the greatest! In addition to the amazing corn dog, the hotdog itself is unusually big so if you obtain one you may just desire to share it, or not. It is all up to you (believe us, and you may restrain it all for yourself.)

You Really Do Not Want To Miss These Snacks!

These seven snack items barely represent some of the amazing food items you can get at Disneyland. In fact, you haven't even scratched the surface. These indulgent treats have relatively been there since the beginning, but as Disney is always changing, constantly expanding, they are always creating new delicious snacks for you to enjoy. No matter your hunger, no matter what you consume, there is, and inevitably will always be, a great snack for you to enjoy at Disney. Even if you are vegetarian, vegan, or have a severe allergy, Disney will be accommodating for you and aid you to discover something that works.

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