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Magic Kingdom; the home to worlds of fantasy, tomorrow, yesterday and adventure. It is a place that millions of people visit each year at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. Once you visit, you will instantly fall in love with this magical place. Magic Kingdom is also known as the “happiest place on Earth” and that is no secret. Once you enter, you are sure to have an amazing time. While it is no secret the park is amazing, there are some secrets about Magic Kingdom you may not know. Without further ado, let’s dive into to discussing some facts you may not know about the Magic Kingdom!


Magic Kingdom Has A Second Floor

Most theme parks are only one level meaning there is nothing above them, nothing below them. However, when it comes to the Magic Kingdom, they secretly have a second floor. In fact, when at the park, you are on level 2. Chances are you have maybe heard of this, but if not, when you visit Magic Kingdom you are on floor two of the park. The first floor which is known as the ‘Utilidors’, houses the behind-the-scenes area of the park. The Utilidors also allow Cast Members to get from one area of the park to the other without being seen.


No one except for cast is allowed down in the utilidors unless you visit them on a special Disney VIP tour. Because you are going backstage, it is required that you be at least 12 years old due to the fact you are going to be seeing some things that may ‘ruin’ the magic for younger guests. The Utilidors are also where trash and recycling is located for the park, some electrical and where some food storage is located. Cast can access this part of the park in any land by hopping into what are called “rabbit holes.” These “rabbit holes” are conveniently located away from guests view.


Magic Kingdom Has A Street Filled With Poop

By the title of this subtitle, you are probably wondering what the heck am I talking about? Let me set one thing straight. There is no actual street that has human fecal or any kind of fecal matter on or it for that matter. What I mean by this is in story, there is a street that is symbolized or supposed to represent there is poop on the ground. This is located in Liberty Square. While in the land, you may notice there is an unusual path of red bricks in the ground. When designing this land, Imagineers wanted to be as authentic as possible.


That being said, the land takes place in colonial America. During this time period, there was no indoor plumbing so, when you went to the bathroom, you would them dump all of your waste into the streets. This is what the red bricks represent. While Disney does not explicitly state that is what that is, it is a fun inside joke Imagineers made when creating the land. It is also a very unique fact that you probably didn’t know about Magic Kingdom! Thankfully, it is not painted brown nor does it smell like fecal matter. Next time when you are in the Magic Kingdom, make sure to check it out!


Cinderella Castle Is Not Made Out Of Stone

Each Disney park around the world has a centerpiece. When Walt was creating Disneyland, he built Sleeping Beauty Castle which just so happened to debut four years before the film even came out! When the plans were being developed for Disney World, the parks icon was going to be Cinderella Castle. Believe it or not, the Castle (and the park for that matter) didn’t open until 21 years later after Cinderella debuted! Speaking of Cinderella Castle, it is actually based off of a real-life castle in Germany. If you look up the Neuschwanstein Castle located in Schwangau, Germany, you will see a lot of similarities between the two.


While Neuschwanstein is much, much bigger than Cinderella Castle, it is still a beauty. Upon looking at Cinderella Castle, you may notice that it seems that the castle was made out of bricks. Technically speaking, no bricks were actually used in creating this amazing castle. In fact, the whole castle is made out of fiberglass. Another interesting fact about Cinderella Castle is there is only one other version of the castle in another Disney Park; Tokyo Disneyland. While Tokyo has the same castle as us in Orlando, Tokyo’s version is actually feet shorter! Magic Kingdom’s stands at 189 feet while Tokyo Disneyland’s stands at 168 feet.


Space Mountain First Debuted At Magic Kingdom, Then Disneyland


In every single Disney park that has a castle, excluding Shanghai Disneyland, there is a version of Space Mountain. While this ride is a classic for many, Space Mountain actually originated at Magic Kingdom way before the other parks, including Disneyland. Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom opened in 1975 (4 years after the park opened). Then, Disneyland’s opened in 1977 (22 years after the park opened) following Tokyo Disneyland’s in 1983 (opened at the time park opened), Disneyland Paris’ in 1995 (3 years after the park opened) and lastly Hong Kong Disneyland’s version which opened in 2005 at the time the park opened.


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